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New H4 headlight units (originally for a Golf) plus chrome rims really make a difference for the looks and brightness of the lightbeam. New liscense plates and an @sticker

Sorry for the lack of info these last couple of weeks, but school has kept me busy

Friday 28-05-1999
I was working on the beetles brakes this evening.
had to install the springs that pull the 2 brake shoes together. I had succesfully used a set of pliers before. this time there was some gunk/fat on them and the damn thing slipped. hit me above the right eye!
at first i only figured i'd end up with a big bump on my head. i instinctively pulled my arm against my head only to see a lot of blood :-(
i'm fine right now, no real pain or anything, but i do have an 1.5cm wound on my head :-/

Monday 31-05-1999
i've just been working on my own brakes (i got my brother crazzy enough to help me bleed them, he even said it was a cool car. usually he only calls the "thrash cans on wheels", but i let him drive it for a few 100m)
i've just bled my brakes and adjusted the front, or at least tried. braking power is about half. you are supposed to tighten them unitl your hear the drum scrape ? i back of a smill bit at that point, so there was no scraping.
now i have brakes that only work half.
i did not touch the rears and the entire car braked ok before i swapped the front cylinders for new ones.
should i tighten the fronts some more ??

Tuesday 01-06-1999
I just sorted out the brakes and i've got black stripes on the floor to prove they work!!
a tip from my friend Hans did the trick for me;
after you have reinstalled the shoes they can be out of position (of center) leave the wheels on, jack the front up and tighten the brakes until the wheels won't move no more (without using the brake pedal). then hit the brake pedal a couple of times hard (like you would for an emergency stop)
check out the wheels, they'll probably move a bit by now, asign that they've sprung in the right place.
now slacken them a bit until you have a slight rumbling noise.

i've still got a slight drift to the right on emergency braking, but the drums will lose some rust once i start driving it. so i'll leave that till later.

next up: the brake lights. the connectors on the brake switch are corroded, so i'll have to sort that out


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