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Saturday March 6th 1999, the second time I see the car. The first time was when we went to buy the bus (belonged to Kim's brother) and my memory has played some tricks on me. It's been almost 3 years though.
It's Bordeaux red in stead of the magenta I'd somehow remembered. Not that it matters as this paint has never been outside. It's a el-cheapo paintjob done by a cousin for a case of beer, so it has some slight inperfections.

It's covered in dust and most of the tires are flat. No bumpers bolted to the car (most missing parts are supposed to be stored in another barn).
The absence of the bumpers allows me to check the bumper mounts, they are solid and there is a coat of wax under the dust!
The part of the pan that supports the battery has been replaced by Kim. The rest of the pan has some slight surface rust, not a real problem.
No interior in the car (only a drivers seat) so I can check the pan carefully.

The bulkhead looks a bit strange on these pics, but it's some kind of glue from carpet
You can see the original, beige, color of the car
The spare wheel well looks pretty good. Only a small hole on the left side. The rest is solid.
This wheel has been sprayed in 2 tone, I don't know about the rest of the wheels. Most of the tires where flat though
The chrome trim is not on the car at the moment, but it still has the mounting brackets (no cal-look tricks)

The headlight rims and blinkers have been painted black, as they were a bit rusty. I'm not sure if i'll leave it like this, rechrome the or shave the blinkers and put them in the bumpers (a la german look)
The left light has some problems with the big beam, could be as simple as the bulb. The left rear unit is not on the car and the blinkers don't work ok (could have something to do with the absence of the rear light)

This is the left doorpost which has a 2 cm hole in it :-/ The heather channels are hard which is a plus. Although there is a bad spot on the rear end of the left heather channel

The engine doesn't look great, but it runs perfectly

Next step is a trip to the car lift to check out the bottom of the car and then i'll take it home !!!


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