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i just replaced the rubber on the bugs side windows today.
the rear one was no problem, but the left item would not work the first time. so i applied some subtile foot pressure to get it on it's way back out again. just as i figured must be able to finish it of by hand now", i heard "plop" and i could see the window falling to the floor :-(
i'm on my back accross the floor of the bug at this moment, so there was nothing i could do but wait for the sounds of breaking glass. to my surprise i only heard a "thud". the rubber was still wrapped around the window and it had take the shock. the window was still in one piece !!! :-)
the second attempt was better, although the lower part of the interiorcloth would not stay under the rubber. i'll have to sort that some other time.

my big problem right now is the dash. it's a '74 so it came with one of those dash covers, which looked like crap after years of abbuse. so i took it out and i've added the 2 rosters next to the speedo.
now i've still got 3 plastic funnels on the top part of the dash. the are connected to some kind of beather box under the hood. this box is connected to 2 hoses that come from the quarter panels (connected to the heater channel ??)
can i just remove the funnels and then smooth the holes over ?
will this affect the heathing ? i'm not sure how this works on a 60's bug, so i anyone out there has some advice...


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