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The heater channel got spotwelded, so i've used kit and fiberpaste to smoothen it out
A coat of Hamerrite finishes of the whole thing (they've got it in red as well as black now)

The rear wheel wells had holes at the end of the heater channels, so plates of metal where spotwelded on.
I've waterprooved it with fiber plast and Hamerrite (again) covers it nicely

The floor got the same treatment and i might even do the tunnel as well (just for shiny the look)
(note the subtle placement of the big can of the magix stuff, next will be a big sticker "sponsored by hamerrite" :-)

The dash had this verry badly looking foam cover. I've removed it, so now i have an unpainted dash (beige was the stock color of the car). I'll also need some paint to finish of the right rar quarter panel, so I'll get a spraycan of paint mixed somewhere next week


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