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Bus right door
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December '98
The problems with rust particles in the fuel tank are still notfixed, just haven't had the time to do anything about it. So I haven't driven it :-(
November '98
I bought out co-owner Arjen. We have been doing this project for the last 2.5 years, but it was more practical to have just one owner. Arjen, thanks for all your help
I scored a free sliding door (thanks Hans). All it needs is some new metal on the lower part. The original door has the same problem, but it also has a big dent
September '98
The bus is finaly streat legal ! So now it is time to enjoy :-)
Got it on the street in the 3rd week of august ('98) and I've driven it to VW Euro and the London-2-Brighton run as well as all kind of local trips. I think i've clocked up about 3000km sofar.
The "only" problems I had were with the fuel supply and a broken fanbelt
The previous owner put the bus in storage without putting any fuel in the tank. This resulted in rust in the fuel tank. Once we started to drive some real KMs, the rust started to came lose and ended up blocking the exit of the tank. Draining the tank works for a while.
If you get stuck on the side of the road, you can take of the fuel line at the fuel pump (be careful to to spill fuel over your hot engine!) and blow the dirt back into the tank. If you this every 20mk, you can at least get home :-)

The thing that seams to really work is extending the pickup tube in the tank. This way the pipe is slightly above the floor of the tank, so the rust has a harder time getting into the fuel line
Summer '98
After all the new panels we had put in last summer, it basically only is the suspention that needs attention. The balljonts up front have been replaced (what a pain that job was)

Had some great help from Hans Sprenkels (thanks again dude) and now the bus is finally street legal!! It's not finished, but at least we can enjoy it a bit :-)
Hans came over on wednesday. The locked up front brakes where easily fixed with some new flex hoses. (1302 hoses work on a baywindow bus).
Next up was the engine that would not start. Turned out to be a crappy batery (which i bought only last year, teches me not to buy cheap crap). After we had gotten an new battery, it only needed a bit of fine tuning and it ran perfectly !!! (what a lovely sound)
Final job for the day was welding in a new lower sill (Hans had brought his welder). The previous owner has been a verry big fan of undercoating, so the welding did not go so good :-( First we had to remove all the black crap with the angle grinder.

Could testdrive at 21:30. Had been over a year that i had driven the bus, man it felt good!!
Took it to the testing station the next day. The only they i was not sure of was the missing stabiliser bar up front. The clamps that hold it in place where on back order, so hans said "leave the damn thing off, they won't know it was ever there". The mechanic jacks up the car and goes straigth to the front axle, shit i think. He doesn't notice it :-)
He had to readjust the rear brakes (left was set stronger that right), was cool to be able to walk under the bus so i helped him a bit. "time for coffee" sais the mechanic. SO i join him and the other guys that work there in the canteen in the top of the garage, i could look on the roof of the bus. As we sit there the guys start to mesmorise about the baywindow they used to have as a company car. "Didn't they used to have a stabiliser bar ?" ask the mechanic. OOPS !
"no that was an optional item" sais the cheif mechanic, phew :-}

So stupid me mentions a "friend" who has troubles finding the clamps for that bar upon which the old dude walks into the back and comes up with a box full of VW parts. He pulls out 3 NOS clamps !!!! Was a bit strong to buy them for my "friend" (maybe i can get someone else to buy them for me)
Finally he mechanic sais "it's ok except for the front tires, but i don't have them in stock. Come back tomorrow for the tires and well put a stamp on it". YES !!!!!

Replacing the balljoints was also an item on the agenda. We didn't want to take the trailingarms of the bus, so we figured out a way to replace them with the arms still attached to the car. First you use an anglegrinder to weaken to top of the old joint (dont damege the árm the is pressed around it). Them your hammer on the bottom of the joint until the rod and ball unit comes out via the top of the bushing that is still pressed into the arm. Use a hacksaw to weaken the bushing and hammer it out.
To get the new one back in you take to plates of steel 10cm*10cm*10m. Make a 58mm hole in one plate and a 50mm one in the other plate. make 10mm holes on each corner of the plates and use 4 nuts & bolts to press the new joint into the arm


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