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June 2000 saw the world exhibition in Hannover, in the same month the new edutainment park Autostadt opened in VW capital Wolfsburg.
Wolfsburg still has the biggest auto plant in the world and the whole city breaths VW.

The site has 2 big glas towers with 800 new cars, awaiting their new owners
Every brand from the VW group will has a museum pavilion full of cars

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The following photo is from the Dutch dealer magazine:
Copyright VW Holland
1: The Piazza: cafes restaurants and shops
2: The Forum: lot's of info on the world behind the car, 3 movie theatres and al kinds of presentations
3: The museum: new cars (in het glas section) and the vintage cars in the white section
4: Carlton Ritz Hotel
5: A park with pavilions for all the brands from the VWaG group
6: Glas autocylinders, 42 meters high. They will house the new cars, ready for delivery
7: The delivery center, 60 cars per half hour will be handed over to the new owners
8: Parking areas
9: The train station, the ICE bullet train from Hannover to Berlin will stop here
10: Pedestrian bridge leading to the Paizza
11: The Autostadt organisation office
12: The old city with the castle


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