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Wolfsburg, the official museum

The official VW museum is located below the river on the right side of the bridge. besides a nice collection of aircooled VWs, there is also a good gift shop.

The vintage parts warehouse has been relocated. More info :

The the english translation of the Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen brochure
On 5000 square meters we show about 140 cars, 110 of then are historical cars made by the VW-concern. Besides the classic Volkswagens - especially the beetle - there are cars from the companies belonging to former Auto Union: Horch, Audi, DKW, Wanderer and NSU-cars.
The worldwide field of motorsports is also represented with products of our research and prototypes, who not often get out on the open road and, occasionaly, become the forerunners of our nowadays cars.
With the Golf and The Passat and other new models, are the cars from "the next generation" represented.
The car- and production-techniques are explaned with cut-away- and other models, like a working robot.
A chronolocical review of the devellopment of brands that nowadays belong to the Volkswagen company, give a complete view the history of the car, for instance Volkswagen.
Automuseum Wolfsburg
Dieselstraße 35
38446 Wolfsburg
Telephone (05361) 52071

Opened: daily from 10:00 to 17:00
closed: from Dec 24 to Jan 1

Wherever you come from to Wolfsburg:
Follow the white painted signs "Gewerbegebiet Ost/TÜV" and you'll find us at the "Dieselstraße"


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