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Wolfsburg, VW capital of the world

Wolfsburg is verry close to the old east-german border.
One of the reasons to build the plant there was the Mitteland-canal. This canal was a verry good way to transport goods back and forth.
The City is situated below the canal, the plant is on the left and the castle is on to of the hill on the rigth.

It is possible to visit the factory and to witness the production of (watercooled) VWs
But you do have to make a appointment (use the contact page for their address)
The factory is closed in August !

Besides visiting the factory you can also visit the official museum. There is also a special exhibition on the plant during WW-II in one of the buildings of the castle (through the main gate on the right). This exhibition is closed on mondays

When you drive through the city it's self, you will be amazed of the number of (watercooled) VWs on the streets. Over 95% of the vehicles on the road are VWs, it's almost creapy !
Wolfsburg is a typical german city with a small shopping centre and some nice restaurants. The streetnames are pretty funny; Porsche strasse, Diesel strasse and so on.

For the low budget VW fan I can recommend a nice campsite on the canal bank. Drive over the bridge and go right after the bridge. It's litrally on the canal bank, and about a kilometer from the bridge


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